I capture pictures of Stone Statues all the time when I leave New York, but I need to start taking some that are in my backyard. This one, in particular, caught my eye. I can’t remember if the building was a courthouse of some kind or not but it moved me enough to abandon my inital destination and get this photo.

revelations side8/17

On the beach in Jamaica listening to the waves crashing together. Night photo’s without the right equipment can become a waste of time, but the only light that shined was behind me. The tranquility that comes over me when listening to water never grows old. 


What I love and remember about this photo is that there was no filter used. This was natural lighting and a photographers eye. Sitting by Laker Ontario, I found these rocks to have beauty in how the water would rush to shore and wash over the rocks, and I wanted to capture the photo.


The sun was piercing through the clouds, and there was this spiritual feel to the rays shining down I couldn’t help but feel compelled to snap a picture in beautiful Florida. I always say the world is far too grand to not capture it’s beauty big or small enjoy it while you can.



Swimming with the sharks in the Caribbean -Create. Write. Think. Love.-


There’s something raw and timeless about colorless photography, the usage of black and white so when I took this photo, I wanted to encapsulate the subtleties of the fighters spirit, with foreground and background imagery.


Atlantis-Los Angeles Vacation 2 of 2 01312/09

So many great photos taken during my time in the Bahamas but this wall mural was beautifully done on the backroads of Nassau, and it immediately caught my attention not only by the words but the imagery. What does it say to you?



A token from my travel to the Dominican Republic. A faceless young girl, legs crossed with roses in her hand. I love to find art in simplicity. Unfortunately, a small piece of clothing on her right shoulder broke off. Every time I look at this souvenir a rush of emotion comes over me, reminded of innocence, love and the realities of life.



I count my blessings daily for both the small and large things in life, this being one of them. When I saw the moon and how it lit up the sky, it had a sun-like glow to it that was mesmerizing and also a darkness that invoked mystery. The clouds seemed to dance around the moon’s aura which captivates me in both the wrong and right ways.


One of my favorite cities in the U.S. Washington D.C.  The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, again the words resonated; his thoughts in 1963 are as significant now as they were then. Words are powerful, as we should speak with a conscious and consideration to what we say to others as it can motivate, uplift and or destroy.


Not the most visually appealing photo but that was the purpose to invoke a feeling of dirtiness and unease when looking at the picture because it feels off. This is why its one of my favorites because of how raw and unsanitary it is, the drain, the broken glass the stains and that one singular Quarter, slightly rusty wet surrounded by film.


A gorgeous sunrise, a beautiful view, the air was crisp on this day. I remember briefly waking up and saw the sun rising and had to take a photo, just staring into the sunlight not wanting to turn away. Appreciating the sun and its warmth even on a cold autumn day.