Great day/Evening, something or someone has guided you to this website. The content is simple: showcasing my writing, creative thinking, photography, and travel. This provides a platform for me to share my thoughts on all things that may pique my interest. I have a strong belief that we all contain the third eye, some more dormant than others but awareness to those around us and the world we inhabit is necessary. Especially how that world affects your place in it. The 3rd eye is an awaking in your consciousness, the belief in positive energy, and a connection to the world around us. Awareness, appreciation, traveling and a passion for learning drives me. A lover of life, sometimes caged by the uncertainties that come with it. I am Black, I am a writer, a poet, artist, photographer, and traveler. The world is big, and life is short.


I’ve collaborated with and written several posts for people on Instagram, photographed individuals, places, food, and product. Co-wrote storylines and detailed character backgrounds for indie game titles and comic characters. It is not until recently where I’ve decided to start seeking both acknowledgment & monetary payout for the moments my ideas, creative vision or artistic ingenuity has been utilized by someone else.  Personally, I hope the visuals I post are just as powerful or impactful as the writing I choose to combine with it. A skill I do not take lightly nor do I feel I have mastered. I continue to seek growth and provide people with a variety of windows to look through based upon the subject matter of my written pieces.


So let’s work together to create the very things we had imagined before life became so complicated. It took some time for me to recognize the value of being different. Hopefully, it doesn’t take you as long. Get in contact with me, leave notes to remember things you don’t typically look at, embrace challenges, and share ideas. Hopefully a better understanding of the eye I’ve kept closed for so long, assist in further opening yours. It’s energy, and we’re all connected, we just work hard to go against that.

Let’s collaborate, ideas aplenty!

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