Blacker Than Me


Whether we want to admit it

A seed planted deep in the minds plot

Now beyond comprehension

At first glance, a question is posed

Hey, are you blacker than me? Ask yourself

Regardless of the answer- truth is how so?

So many of us various skin complexions

Backgrounds, distinct walks of life

All experiencing a struggle or two-

Seemingly in an endless fight

The world’s eyes forever upon us

A river of criticism continually flows

Validation of your blackness?

Depends on who you know

Oh, that negro yeah he’s too light-

That brother there misinformed, but he woke

When something unfortunate happens in the news

We explain to others why dat one dere was broke

No one else is expected to give an explanation

Especially for kin that’s not theirs

But black folk boy we sure are different

Even after all these years

One may say objective in my observation

Oh I can tell you better than them

Selective with our level of blackness-

Dissection regularly from within

It’s all about the optics brother

We’ve got to show we belong!

So know when one of us do bad

We all have to sing that song

What we say how we move

Who we know and what we do

Under the microscope of so many

Resilient and yet confused

The only group who has to catch up, keep up and surpass all at one time

maybe the battle is not external but locked deep inside

A negro’s question to themselves

are they blacker than me ever-present

Not a question but rather an internal fight-

Quite Possibly another weapon

Retrain yourself,  reset and restart

let our merits and shortcomings finally stand on its own

Yes we demand a lot from each other

but these seeds of explanation can no longer grow

I am no blacker than, less than, nor equal to

Yet a concept of blackness is misrepresented-

Overanalyzed and still misunderstood-

A hodgepodge of contradiction

So Now who is blacker than me, say you-

Please don’t ask nor answer that question.

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