2016: The Death of Consciousness


In 2016  Digital pocket monsters were caught via cellphone while people jumped onto train tracks crashed cars into lakes and  entered private property only to be shot at in the pursuit of virtual pets.Congratulations you’ve caught them all! Those will be the words said if not already then in private one day. The question is will those words be in reference to Pokemon or human beings?

2016 had more people go out in droves to various public sites to catch video game pets, take selfies, and post mass challenges: far too many to list and although some were for a good cause overall at times the lines became blurry in knowing if the challenge was for awareness or self-exposure. Our self-worth continues to become more determined by our likes and online friends rather than strengthening our bonds with loved ones.

2016, the death of consciousness. Make no mistake for better or worst pending on the person’s personal experience 2016 has been a lot to digest. We live in hyperbole, and we are constantly being told to buy this, try that, and beware of whatever. It’s becoming hard to discern what we need and who’s selling us false goods. it’s been like that long before I was born and it will probably be like that long after. The idea is to reel you in. Thus speaking in brash, loud, boisterous claims seem to garner attention more often than not, no matter how ridiculous, if you’re watching or reading then the job was successful. Newspapers, media, click-bait, socially shared stories, tabloids, etc. all exist to take what they need from you and give you what they think you need from them. At one point informing people with the facts mattered but now even at the cost of honesty, if it makes money then it’s all good. Until we the people collectively stop accepting nonsense, our media will continue to put money and entertainment over honesty and integrity; which for me is a concern.

Every year has its up and downs for some it is a great year for others it’s the worst. I will not believe that 2016 is the absolute worst because our brains become more and more bogged down with information. We have a tendency to forget history rather quickly, and unfortunately, tragedy occurs every year. There is no shortage of sadness anytime someone loses a loved one. We cannot also exclude that natural disasters and other forms of disruption occur in everyone’s lives. Again it may personally be a great year for some and for others, the year can’t end fast enough.

However what I am a believer in always is energy. Cosmic and in between; the energy you put out some may gravitate to absorb and take while pushing their energy: negative or positive onto you and into the world. I do believe and this is not fact only my opinion; (that I do not in any way proposition as fact) that 2016 has been overall a highly daunting year collectively in an energy is all around us sense. Social media has been a driving force and will remain so since we are all “connected” (although I would argue that we are more emotionally disconnected with each other now than before), and with that connection, our feeds are continually updated with news, information both real and fake 24/7. The shares, likes, retweets, post, 30-second videos, it is a lot. More people have a venue to express their opinion; there is nothing wrong with that. The problem lies within spreading your opinion as fact. Furthermore, if someone challenges you with real facts not what they’ve got off the internet, we go into a corner and begin to either yell louder or dismiss any of the ideas presented that challenges our own.

Our president-elect will take office after running a campaign that was a reality show in the worst way. Minimal facts were given during his rallies and debates, gaffes were consistent, and news outlets from both sides never took the time to truly cover the president-elect with a seriousness that should come with running for our nations highest office. Many people complained but didn’t know why they were complaining. The words of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton that was shared by major news networks or Facebook post became fodder for many. Liking and sharing nonfactual information. Only ratings mattered in the end. The more people became obsessed with gaining greater financial growth (which there is nothing wrong with that either) they became more imbalanced and forgot that we all need to truthfully educate each other, not increase our followers and likes.

This dangerous style of storytelling has long-term effects. To put it frankly: it will erode our ability to not only think but search for common ground and equal enlightenment. What makes 2016 so different is not only a number of celebrity deaths, musicians, legendary hip-hop icons, leaders, tyrants, controversial figures ET AL. but the tension and violence between all Americans and civil servants that consumed this beautiful but flawed country of ours. No country is perfect but to not come to a common understanding of human life and the importance of that is disheartening.

For individuals to want to excite a race war,(which we are of one race the human race) to have hatred in your heart due to someone’s political affiliation, to want to abolish a females right to choose what she would like to do to her body, to look down on people because they want to be with someone of the same-sex doesn’t make sense to me. The erosion in our country is not from people coming from elsewhere trying to make a new life for themselves here. Our country’s erosion comes from our leaders that are men and women seeking personal achievement under the guise of unity. Individuals that will stand on the bones of many as long as their name is the only name in the headlines. The people who are willing to subjugate, misinform, persuade and destroy anyone that is not on board with the agenda that the individual wants to promote falsely.

Children, women, and men are losing their lives all over the world in war-torn countries, black men and women have been losing their lives, Hispanics have been portrayed as ruthless killers and hatred is seemingly on the rise. In our country, in America, there is a actual state with cities and a population that does not have clean drinking water. Clean drinking water, think about that. We are all one, and we continue to allow things have us believe otherwise. We care more about animal rights and yet continue to make excuses for human beings of various ethnicities to get slaughtered like animals. We lock people up in a cage, but we fight for chickens to an on a caged free farm. We allow random faceless people to rewrite history and what is to be believed politically socially and economically.

It is unfortunate that the death of consciousness was a methodical one. The youth of tomorrow and the young adults of today are swept up in paying attention to nonsense and getting put to sleep, no longer able to decipher tone, sincerity, what’s real or fake, doing research and fact checking. Something as simple as turning off auto-correct is arduous so the more we decide to avoid because of the difficulty, the easier it is to be manipulated. Reading has become an art form because we rather consume our information from a video. There are those who can say 2016 has been a success but again for many 2016 has been quite rough. The question I pose is, are we now officially engulfed in an era where lying has become a means to success, nepotism is a right, and learning is a skill? This is not the Information Age but the misinformed age. Propaganda & Entertainment joined at the hip. Sensationalizing irrational behavior is a premium I cannot afford and neither should you, not now, not ever.

2016 has been the culmination of self. All that it encompasses is what I don’t think our society is prepared to admit but is being duped into wanting. With all this information that is now seemingly at our fingertips. The death of consciousness is a byproduct of narcissism, social disconnect, self-absorption, and lack of accountability. Even though we are in the age of social media, I have yet to meet someone who can truly say they’ve become that much smarter and informative through social media, so what is its purpose? Our news outlets have succumbed to money grabs, and those in that business have looked for viewership rather than truth telling. A generation raised on the Kardashians: whom focus on self absorption and media attention. Some of the leading voices and social influencers such as Tomi Lahren taking center stage are spewing messages of anger, mangled information and skewed viewpoints lacking in any facts, research or apology.

2016 has shown a growing disparity between the haves and the have nots, it has allowed many to perpetrate lives that are opposite of one’s realities, and given platforms to the ignorant in a way that is detrimental to everyone else but the person spewing false information. We are becoming a society of bubbles, and we’re fed the news, pictures, and ads that are tailored to our personal taste. Why is this dangerous? Long term no one learns anything if they do not experience a reality different from their own. Empathy is being lost and turned into guilt and resentment. We create unusual double standards, and when warranted, undermine the  reasoning behind a double standard. Confusion has plagued many, myself included this year. Deception should not be everyone’s objective just to increase their capital. We then all walk around with clouded judgment and fragmented eyes.

Again I serve not to sit here and overreact that 2016 was the worst year ever, but the energy around us all is real, and 2016 has seem to be far more tumultuous then years past. When I was in college I had a theory that I called the big beehive theory. I believed that if we treated the earth as the queen bee, this planet as the collective colony and recognized that we are all workers in maintaining a healthy beehive, a healthy queen we will achieve great things both individually and together. This theory relied on numerous structure’s for validity, but the most important one was that we all need each other. WE have to remove these foolish barriers and systemic teachings that my skin color makes me more superior or inferior to you; that your difference of opinion nullifies your value. Let us open our eyes and ears so that we dig deep to what makes each of us unique and you find that we are not that different. When everyone has a common goal, my happiness should not require your misery.

The spread of fake news, the big reveal that many people only care about themselves, and the gap continues to widen between the classes and the masses has made 2016 a year of spin and disappointment. Not all has been negative this year in the US and around the world. Hell the Cleveland Cavilers and the Chicago Cubs won. Progression in any form is still progression and this may have been the best year for many. When the right/wrong year comes around, they will say that year is the worst ever to them. It is all based on paradigm but I hope that 2016 will not be the year that consciousness was officially laid to rest, I hope that after being asleep for so long many will demand more from each other and from those with far greater resources to make a positive change not headline grabbing fluff stuff. I hope our leaders plan on finally making this great country of ours a better place for everyone’s children and not just their own. This world is far too beautiful, and life is too short to continue to hurt and oppress, but then again what do I know.

In the end the goal is to go upward towards greater, but when you don’t know what that greater is you’ve then put yourself in a unwinnable race not appreciating what is around you and how you’ve achieved it. Objects can be replaced, life and the individuals apart of it cannot.

So goodbye 2016 I’ll leave my most personal thoughts tucked away snuggled in a blanket because everything is not always perfect or rosy and that’s ok, but I will say thank you, another earth year in the books. I hope in 2017 the collective and individual energy allows many to say this was the best year ever. Maybe my headline will read 2017: the birth of collective resonance. Positive energy restored, either way, you live, learn and adapt.


  • sums up the year in a complete nutshell, brother. 365 days of 2016 was def a moment of highs and lows along the way. as you said, “another earth year in the books.” Let’s continue with much optimism and eyes on the prize with 2017 on the horizon.


    • absolutely there’s always a tendency to feel as if the sky is falling when things do not go our way, but 2016 had what i hope is a short term energy of nonsense. hopefully a trend and not the new norm. so to 2017 let it bring a new level of elevation for everyone.


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