Life: Metaphorically speaking



Have you ever been in a fight? Contemplate on that for a moment. We’ve all been asked once or twice in our life; some may say they have never been in a fight. To an extent physically this may be valid, but for the majority adhering to this is fundamentally incorrect since we fight every day of our lives on this beautiful planet. All things hidden and visible battling you. Nature battles you, time battles you (perfect record by the way), your body battles you, co-workers, cohabiters of the space around you, lovers, machines(it’s inevitable), you name it there’s a constant battle.

We are hardened by these battles, in wins and losses it becomes more prevalent of how much fight and spirit you have to have to succeed. The measure of success for many is an increase in income, better health, ownership, spiritual balance, mental stability, meaningful relationships/bonds etc. No one person is complete in all facets of life, growth is different to all. Day in and day out we pick up routines, you say to yourself today is the day.

The world has spun and all stars are aligned for you to conquer that which you seek to achieve. Your clothing set, hair ready, teeth brushed( I hope), feet planted firmly into the ground, your favorite song blaring in your ears. You walk out the door only to forget your wallet, you forgot to email a report to yourself . You drop your phone. You hit massive traffic, argue with someone randomly in the car or on the street, a bird ruins your clothes, you miss your train, something breaks down, the barista screws up your coffee. I can keep going but all of these things happen immediately to knock you on your ass, and there’s life: boxing gloves and all saying don’t get up, stay down. Unless you enjoy punishment, it’ll all be over quickly.

You get whacked in the stomach again, and again, and again(some hits harder than others pending on the situation). For some reason, we keep getting up because all we can do is fight. Laying down is an option, but it’s one you rather not submit to. It may cross the mind, but something pulls you out to give it another try and whether it’s love, whether it’s life/ natural occurrences all we can do is get back up. Hope that tomorrow is better than today, hope that the next five mins are better than the previous 10. In the span of typing this, I’m sure someone can relate that there’s no answer for it.

You can be of active mind and body, and still, something occurs that can and will easily throw you off. As frustrating as this is, there’s lessons in the experience: practice, dedication, and the willingness to learn. Conjuring the ability to learn from past mistakes and pitfalls figuring out how to be a better self. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all these things. Let’s face it it’s hard, and it’s difficult to do this dance on a daily IF you think about it. IF you think about the bogusness that comes with it, but in the uncertainty lies the beauty, the unknown, the gamble. Not the destination but the journey, taking a deep breath and jumping back into the ocean. Spitting out the blood and going back into the ring for an upset, to try and be the best version of you possible, there are forces all around us working to deter that, but try to somehow, someway keep pushing forward.

I mentioned in a previous post that we’re all just striving to find our way and I still wholeheartedly believe in that. All of this is complicated, even happiness because for some fighting happiness makes them happy. Hmm, I wonder…anyway, for some anguish brings pleasure. I wouldn’t be able to understand why, except everyone’s wiring is different.

The question must then be posed: what is the meaning of life? The definitive answer not given, but overall one could say that the meaning of life is to live. We only have one turn, one play-through. Not trying to turn this into a holistic what is the purpose talk, but life is how you define it, how you choose to live it. If you’re not doing harm to someone else then, by all means, go live. Embrace all that comes with it because it will be daunting; big or small one that if conquered will feel more gratifying after the task are checked off, and accomplishments listed.

Realistically, someone or something will knock us back momentarily. And we’ll have to get back up no matter the challenge, and it’s ok. We’ve all been in a fight before, and we’ve all heard the saying in multiple ways from the character Rocky to our parents and friends alike: it’s not if you get hit (that part you can’t avoid), but how you get back up that sets us apart. I guess some of us, though (myself included) from time to time need a slower ten count.



✈️Culturally Fly since… I would like to believe that I am first and foremost a Creator, writer, photographer & frankly a Purveyor of all things perspective. I am Passionate about my passions, one of them being Travel. Sporadic wisdom peddler. I am One of One and that’s not a lie.

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