Dark Window


You can never get it back they said, what is done is done. Time heals all things, yet we still ask how come. Why me? Why now?

Transparency through the eyes of innocence,

broken like the windows in the slums.

 We said no matter what, that won’t be us

No one understands like you do.

The pain obstructs that which was,

for nothing is ever permanent.

Houses colliding, a bloodcurdling scream is released. I trusted you! Shouted outward, you lied to me!

I’m sorry, always the response.

Apologies raining down from the sky of never.

Although, never was once ever and ever now cemented forever.

Point the finger but rarely look in the mirror

Blame feels better that way.

Infinitely in a world of regret, to make amends for past sins, listening to your inner self-dismissive. Expecting a change in action and result.

Love was promised under the false god of the night.

Stripping away the skin, stripping away the guard, stripping away, until just soul was exposed.

Leave me bare and naked to rot,

used and left behind like a parachute.

Break in case of emergency, until you’re the emergency then just break.

Pick yourself back up, you got this said no one.

What has been whispered many times needed to be told only once in the worst way.

Hollow the songs sung, the cords broken, strings out of tune, zoned into hysteria.

Maniacal infants romping with adult overtures and dyslexic desires.

No one knows anything anymore, you’re not supposed to know.

Myopic we are yes. Surely a disease ingrained in our cells.

Your eyes are to convince your brain, your brain is to dictate to your confused heart, and your heart is supposed to forever bleed.

Because it cannot think for itself, yet it tries to every time leaving you to defend the indefensible.

Foolish you are like me, like we, helpless never to get back what we claimed we always wanted.

Harmony, love, peace, understanding.

All which is complex, or is it? I’ll just take my act somewhere else. It’s all an act, for no one ever knows what lies in the hearts of men or women because hearts…can’t….think….stupid.

So why should you?

An agenda you ask? Oh no I come as one-


To shatter you into pieces. To penetrate the impenetrable, what I never intended I always intended because hearts…can’t…think…stupid

So why should you?

You’re the emergency, its time for me to break…so pick yourself back up, you got this said… someone.

Hence, their just broken, like the dark windows to my soul.

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