It’s all a Paradox right?

The same mystery that compels us to keep going sometimes prevents us from ever moving. Men and Women…damn were we actually designed to feed each other bullshit? Self-gain bullshit and unobtainable promises to never hurt each other. Vows to love forever but then hurt one another again. Bold refusal to love ever again. The endless cycle of uncertainty, confusion, happiness attachment fear and joy, it’s all sacrifice for what? A better day Another tomorrow? A moment, fleeting like one’s youth. Enjoy it while it’s here because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Does it ever shift into something greater? Looking at your past self with a grin, your current self in contempt, and your future self with vigor and nervousness, because it excites you to know out in the far beyond you’re not alone in your feelings. No matter what, I suppose we all depend on one another in some capacity until the soul is quenched and ready to travel to its next adventure never understanding in the moment, only in reflective solitude. We all just want to fly.

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