My 4th on the 5th

I heart you

Oh, how I love you.

You’ve meant so much to me, If it wasn’t for you hell, where would I be?

When I think of you a smile comes across my face because no one is better than you.

All my opportunities wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t in love with you.

You’re my everything: young, trendy, progressive, bold, beautiful and forgiving.

Of course your flawed but who isn’t beauty doesn’t come without sacrifice, and any of your superficial behavior can’t take away from your loving heart right?

I wouldn’t know how to love another, you’re all I know from birth until death.
I’m willing to defend your honor if you let me; cry for you if you accept me, feel your pain if they test me, yet all you do is reject me…

you reject me,

you reject me,

you reject me,

you dismiss me,

you neglect me,

you upset me, you stress me, you kill me, I kill me,

we kill we!

I hate you!

I hate you, you never accepted that without me there is no you.

That I am the reason, you live how you choose to live!

You tell your friends how you made it on your own.

You allow so many others to take a turn enjoying all you have to offer.
When I ask for a dance, you glance and laugh as if I’m a secret lover.

Used my goods, copied my style, jailed the rest, called me foul. All I ever wanted was acknowledgment for everything we’ve been through.

Admit to the world that you needed me even if I never wanted you.

I hate how you look at me, disgusted that I’m not who you want me to be,

but baby I am who I am, and part of that is based on what you’ve done to me.

I’m not mad it’s like that, night and day, black and white separated we can never be. We make magic when we get it right.

I’ll never leave you, you can trust that for sure.

So many have fought for you, and with that, I salute them all.

Many want what we have, all I want is your eyes.

Love me because I am you, and this is our 4th of July.

Perfect in our Imperfections oh America we’re still learning how to drive.

Steer the course bloody and murky waters our past, nothing can be erased, but the future can be written together, at last, we’ll do it this time at a collective equal pace.

I hate that I love you, I love that I hate you but you’re all I have ever known.

Even if I wanted to leave in the slightest, I have nowhere else to go.

You are beautiful and I know this to be true I accept your flaws you sexy whore, and this is my celebration of you. Xoxo

And yet there’s so much work to still do.

Fuck you.

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