Distructive advertisement 

image courtesy of Caroline Caldwell

Ugh, allergies…It’s been awhile, took a bulk of spring off so Mother Nature can sex it up and spread her seed. (too graphic?) Not an excuse just a troublesome reality…anyway, there’s nothing better than seeing an advertisement done right. We’re advertised to ad nauseam, so frequently that it’s becoming harder to distinguish if someone is bringing an angle of profit into casual conversation or not. We see it in message threads, in click-bait and product placement, it’s all psychological. This is the new America more so this is the new world order. No not in an ominous big brother way (entirely different topic) just in a this is what it is way.

The more we the people are aware of how invasive these ad’s are, the better equip you can be to make smart decisions in what you will and will not allow invading your daily lives. Our country…wait…America is a country of servitude; this contract was signed long ago with the military, becoming not just the U.S. but global security guards. Deployed where necessary, or of choosing to keep order and agenda of one kind. When the working class was constructed to not build a better America for all collectively, but to upkeep the current stronghold. Making sure the hamster wheel is turning in the direction that it has been molded to turn in for the few. (Wait Is there any other way for a hamster wheel to turn?) bad analogy.

Anyway from call centers to products being made outside and sold in the States. Fast food expected to be served the fastest. Cleaning services cleaning better than you can yourself. Food services delivering because you have no time to cook, read instructions or buy ingredients. Driving services because you don’t want the responsibility of driving. Service services because you need services for all your services(sorry:-D). At this point, It’s all service. America is one giant diner: round and round, the next order being placed as we run to our stations to wait on someone else with a smile.

Someone somewhere always with a hand in your pocket and a begrudging thanks under their breath. Speaking of, it’s refreshing when taking public transit(oxymoron) or hearing the radio, watching TV, walking, etc. to see an advertiser do a job that doesn’t feel gimmicky, forced or plain lazy. Hiring those who use their creativity to tap into a pulse of the people with a purposeful message of trying their product. People seeking profit from what they’re selling and those who gain from the purchase equates to a win-win. Those things are what should be rewarded as both the advertiser and the audience becomes smarter. Even as typing this I suppose the people that invade your visual space, bombarding your personal time with garbage ads are doing their job as well. It’s up to the individual to not give in to crass, lazy product pushing. Constantly abusing your senses hoping for you to fall asleep and buy their junk that does not produce results, but empties your account, time and brain matter.

Easier to say harder to do but that sense of entitlement is the very thing that makes people lazy. The belief that by just showing up I or anyone deserves the best. That by investing two to three hours into something makes them an expert. The new age which features more people expressing their opinion as fact, tuning out the world around them and expecting pay days for little effort, wanting celebrity without the sacrifice, a flow of income without the work. Why is that? Maybe it’s entitlement. We all have been stricken by the disease once or twice myself included. My hubris getting the best of me thinking I’m owed something when this world owes me nothing. Unfortunately many do believe they deserve to have it all like the stars, people believe that their virtual reality is the reality. That they’re  Americas next big thing but where is the work? What are you selling? Why are you selling it, is it for the betterment of me or sole profit for you? Which brings me back to seeing ads that are socially aware, responsible and have a belief that we can sell a product with integrity; not lies, BS, loopholes, or fine print. Greasy men and women in cheap suits and pumps. When people talk about livestock their not referring to cattle and it would behoove many to start waking up and not accept obtrusive product placement, false advertisement or billboards that scan your retina and target you like the financial data you are. Advertising to you without you even recognizing you’re a part of that herd; rounded up branded and shipped out, except this time the hand is in the pocket and there’s no thank you under the breath.

Bah what do I know, wishful thinking I suppose. Writing this I look up to see an advertisement for Häagen-Dazs ice cream…it’s A great ad but too bad it makes me want Talenti Gelato instead: Caramel cookie crunch to be exact. Mmm can’t wait.

*just wanted to thank Ms. Caldwell for usage of this visual expression as it’s not an advertisement but an artist at work: check her out via Instagram or Twitter @dirtworship

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