Will we ever just get along?

Atlantis-Los Angeles Vacation 2 of 2 013

There’s this stupid thought that pops into my head from time to time, and it’s foolish because I’m an adult. I know better, but I can’t help it, this particular desire continues to creep into my thoughts when I have a quiet moment: which is, I wish we could all truly be happy and cohesively get along. If someone else’s happiness didn’t require other’s pain or destruction, then I am all for it, but I know it’s childish to think like that. It’s disheartening to know that people work hard to steal information, ruin you, eliminate your income, take property, possessions and extinguish life. All for self-satisfaction, or misguided justice.

When I travel, and I see ethnicities laughing or genuinely smiling it makes me smile inside. When I see the joy on various faces of color it places me in a positive mood, although I may not show it all the time, there is an internal peace within myself that becomes quite content with the surroundings, and yet we live in a world of greed. We live in a world of backstabbing, we live in the world where at times it seems that the quiet person with the big stick is still getting stomped or drowned out by the loudest voice in the room. Garbage reality shows that payout little money at the expense of their soul and others to portray “drama,” to manufacture “stress,” to pander to ignorance and arrogance under the guise of a guiding light down a dark hole of no return is disturbing.

I had no desire to go this deep, I just wanted to say that I wish for a day when everyone could just collectively be happy. Not with the biggest house but a safe roof over their head. Plenty of food in their stomach and their loved ones at arms reach equally fulfilling their dreams and desires. Sadly in saying something so silly as that brings me to the reality that for some their desires are to deter others. Some people’s guiding light is blockading you from what should be valued. Some people get paid to solicit your information, sell your secrets like livestock, all the non-valuable money that we’ve put a value on that you work hard for, someone is working their hardest to remove it from your pocket. Not by honest goods and services in return but by duping you to pay for something and forget about it. Hoping you blindly sign up for something and not read the fine print.

As I type this someone is picking up the phone and starting their day by making an attempt to ruin yours. Someone somewhere is stretching their arms looking into the sun or the moon and preparing to make someone else’s short lived life as miserable as possible: and I wonder how did we get here? The better technology has gotten, the more we as people have eroded. I’m not trying to sound old, but information is thrown at us so rapidly that as fast as we absorb, we discard. Not enjoying the meal but just consuming it because it’s there. Our souls are becoming more malnourished by the day, into the month and eventually the year. Soon working will be a thing of the past, and I’m sure the government and think tank that pushes the suitable collective will find out what do we do with all the passive dead souls we’ve created?

I’m not very religious, but I recall the line of “idle hands is the work of the devil.” Did I misquote that? I’m sure I did, but the truth is that the more the everyday choirs are done for us, the less work we are willing or asked to do, the more we become obsolete. The more we erode, the less our brains and bodies have an opportunity to exercise. We’re in a time where health care as greedy and confusing as it is; could not be in a better place. Medicine is doing wonders and saving lives, while rapidly making others addicted to synthetics and opiates. I digress. Since life expectancy increases, raising social security has to happen, or the money (which is not really there anyway) will disappear, but I’m not here to impart political, ethical, and social thoughts(Sorta). This is more so feelings of a letdown knowing we have it in us, if we wasn’t bombarded by the loud ignorant, and fearful. When will we get to the day of not judging a group of people, but rather that individual only if they harm someone else? Not his group affiliation, not his ethnicity, not his look, just he or she as they are and take it from there.

The sad part is everyone is just trying to find their place in this crazy beautiful world of ours. Have you ever gone into a restaurant, and you don’t know what you want, but your eyes see someone else enjoying a burger, and you think to yourself: “I’ll have what they’re having.”? You don’t know if it’s actually good, but the other person is enjoying it, so you base what you want off of what they already have. Well, that’s the world in a nutshell. Many of us just don’t know and rather have the safety of having what someone else is having. The downside to that is sometimes only one person seems to be having it all, and everyone else is wondering how? Some wonder can I have it all too? Others are just stopped flat out and told: you’re not them, and you can’t have what they have. Some want to dig deeper and say why was he able to obtain it all and why can’t I have any? How did she get it all? Who does she know? What did he do? A simple gesture of not knowing what you want from the menu turns into you still not knowing what you actually want, but you do know you will take theirs if you could.

I’m getting weird ha, this started out as a great metaphor of food and decisions, and then I started thinking of the haves and have-nots, my apologies, anyway it would just be nice if we could all get along, but I see the reality of the climate out here. People feel they deserve things they haven’t worked for, people complain when it gets too tough, people are always holding their hand out but are never satisfied, you could give somebody a little, and they may ask for more. They might say I don’t want this and refuse your gratitude. People wait in the shadows to strike you when you’re vulnerable. The wickedness of the productive and nonproductive human always at work. I swear I wanted this to be short and sweet but sometimes my mind bolts to different things.

Harmony: the definition is that of many notes being sung in a unified chord(s). Collectively we couldn’t decide what that single song should be because our directions are not in sync. However, I do believe that although we all desire and seek out different visions in our short time on earth, that unified chord should at least be not to do harm to others but rather the spreading of growth and opportunity for all. Again foolish thinking on my part. This was supposed to be short. Maybe somewhere in this writing I had I point.

…I could go for a burger, though.

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