The mysteries of the world alluded her when looking up to the sky blackened by the sun, wishing upon stars and better days.

 Eyes glossed over wet with emotion. Pride intact harmful if swallowed, one may never get it back. Wanting to retreat into a cave commonly comfortable size fitting for just one occupant, with all mirrors being broken her feelings the opposite.

 Not dead inside, enough fight to go on, struggling to keep grip the reality of a song sung wrong. Waking up repeating that which was understood, not from enjoyment but settlement, taste buds singed a tad overexposed. Signals fried, burnt out, kicked into the cold.

 Where was the support? Someone whispered in her ear. Shrugged shoulders and glazed eyes wishing upon stars and better days, stuck in feelings of yesteryear. Bright the light was in her view above her eyes there was a haze. Her mental now skewed smiling from ear to ear.




✈️Culturally Fly since… I would like to believe that I am first and foremost a Creator, writer, photographer & frankly a Purveyor of all things perspective. I am Passionate about my passions, one of them being Travel. Sporadic wisdom peddler. I am One of One and that’s not a lie.

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