Make me believe again, not in fear but positive results


Does anyone still believe in Santa? The Easter bunny, Snowmen, all that fun stuff? Wait, no that’s not how I want to start this. Ok…

Remember that? If you’re old enough, you recall the world was going to end in a violent glory of computer meltdowns & banking errors.  God’s Will shall bring angels resurrected and the end times will be in full swing. All sinners will burn, and justice will be served on earth. So when that never happened, the collective went back into their notes and told you specifically 5-5-2000 we’re all dead. Well, that didn’t happen either. Then it was written in the year 2008, no one will be safe! True, no one was safe (unless you were the big banks ) but that was more like many will not be financially secure, since the US financial collapse occurred; having global and local ramifications, which in part is more manmade than anything else.

Then it was that good ol’ Mayan calendar end times of 2012 which when you study it, it’s more to do with a chronicle period of time ending, ex. Chinese New Year: one year is the year of the dog, the following year of the snake, ox, etc. Now that’s a lot of calamity for things that haven’t occurred. If you backtrack even further in world ending events, many apocalyptic predictions just didn’t pan out.

And yet that is what we and our predecessors we’re led to believe, over and over again. Well, what has and is occurring rapidly is humans doing a disservice to other humans. Our environment altering daily and resource disparity rapidly rising. Causation being part human, (carbon footprint stuff some more than others) and part regular occurrence: times change, the world changes, adapt. In other cases, someone has to make it someone has to pay for it, and someone gets paid for it. Well Darwin aside, In this grand technological time of ours Isn’t clean drinking water a human right? And as some are to believe it’s only getting better, how could places such as Flint, MI happen? The answer: poor Infrastructure, politicians, and agencies not doing their jobs. It’s unfortunate and disheartening, infuriating and perplexing. It is the year 2016, and in the U.S,  we have a state that is unraveling, and not many are aware. Furthermore, the solutions which are all costly, seem to cause more confusion and conflict rather than immediate action and resolute change.

Am I to believe that doing good for the greater good is a challenging feat. The idea of uplifting, and positive results is a task that can no longer be achieved? This type of fundamental sustainability is out of reach? Hell I know food is hard to come by for many no matter the income, some easier than others obviously but water? Not juice, not shelter, not clothing, but water?! Clean drinking water is something that every person should have access to, no matter what part of the world they call home. No matter the ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. I’m well aware it’s far more complicated than my simple writings, but a water monopoly never made sense to me, but even with those paying for the best drinking water around, (which we are all entitled to do) essential nonharmful drinking water should always be available. Why can’t a collective (such as these water monopolies companies) join together to build and create water stations that all can drink from (what happened to those water fountains?). I suppose how will it get filtered and cleaned and the upkeep would probably get very messy, so I know it’s cloudy dreaming to think such things. But then again,  I guess I could ask Santa. Maybe like a late or early Christmas wish. If we only had the technology…hmm.

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