Who am I!?


Vast space exist!  From the point of my creation to the point of my death. Suns set and rise as I take each breath

Disposition not clear enough, as I wait my turn. People trying to pick the winners

while the masses just burn.

Exhaling! With nothing accomplished so much work to be done.

Sincerity falls on man short of holding the gun.

Of power authority, he who holds the glory, counterfeit the illusion of equality and inclusion.

Secluded marks of society pressed upon nature’s weight. Uplifting the innocent inconsistent with fate.

Factually leaving all those who couldn’t keep up, to the speed of light the calling

 I ask now who am I, but no one knows who’s balling-

Exploratory the nature of the beast marked its the outcome.

Exploding out the womb to excitement her own  Malcolm. Leader of the free world testicle was what They gave

 Entrapped in a round about death of a slave.

MASTER is my nature succumbing to the obvious,  penetrating now the zygote gotta release my conscience,

of all the things to be, singular I’m not

he who came before me just missed their slot. All comes in twos waiting for the payoff my creator is yours too I just took a day off.



✈️Culturally Fly since… I would like to believe that I am first and foremost a Creator, writer, photographer & frankly a Purveyor of all things perspective. I am Passionate about my passions, one of them being Travel. Sporadic wisdom peddler. I am One of One and that’s not a lie.

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