Thee sun

Thee sun

Please Allow me to move mountains

Then everyone shall seek your strength

Please Allow my face to shine as bright as the star

Then you will be looked upon as light in the dark

Please Allow my palate to always expand

Then you will always yearn for food

Please Allow my hearing to never fade

Then you shall hear all of the world’s voices

Please Allow my voice to pierce the soul

Then all shall want to hear your chord

Please Allow me a peace of mind

Then many may want to dissect it

Please Allow my feet to always move in the correct direction

Then all pathways will tempt you

Please Allow my heart to never close

Then many will want to enter

Please Allow me to traverse the unknown

Then restless you may become

May my touch be warmer than the seasons in rotation

Then the world around you will seek refuge in your shelter

Well please, may I just be alone

For all that you have requested solitude is not what shall be granted

Go forth

My Sun



✈️Culturally Fly since… I would like to believe that I am first and foremost a Creator, writer, photographer & frankly a Purveyor of all things perspective. I am Passionate about my passions, one of them being Travel. Sporadic wisdom peddler. I am One of One and that’s not a lie.

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